2023 Seth Berry Photography Calendar

Celebrating Yellowstone National Park's 150th Anniversary

"Dedicated and set a part as a public park or pleasuring-ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people."

On March 1, 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed into law the efforts to preserve and keep Yellowstone and naming it a National Park - the world's first ever national park. This past March 1, 2022 marked the celebration of Yellowstone's 150th anniversary.

I have had the privilege of visiting Yellowstone National Park for the first time back in July 2020 and my second time this past September 2022. Both times I was left in sense of astonishment and awe-inspired joy that I've had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy its remarkable wonders. I have been able to capture some phenomenal scenes and make numerous memories that will last my lifetime. The National Parks and our protected lands in America have a special place in my heart. I want all people to be able to experience and enjoy them, just how God intended His creation to be.

I am pleased to present my 2023 Seth Berry Photography Calendar as a tribute to Yellowstone National Park in celebration of its 100th Anniversary. I hope that you will enjoy this piece of our national history and some of God's great wonders that Yellowstone has to offer us.

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