Seth Berry Photography | ANTELOPE CANYON | Desert Road Trip 2014

ANTELOPE CANYON | Desert Road Trip 2014

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Desert Road Trip 2014

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Only two days into our Desert Road Trip and we already were thinking there's no way we could top the amazing sunset at Horseshoe Bend, kayaking on Lake Powell and the uniqueness of the Narrows in Zion National Park. Then there was Antelope Canyon.


Antelope Canyon - Navajo Reservation

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Amazing, captivating, mesmerizing, astonishing, photogenic...these are a few words that I can think of after experiencing Antelope Canyon. But words hardly describe what you see in this incredibly unique slot canyon on the Navajo Indian Reservation.

On the morning of our 3rd day of our epic trip, we drove only 5 miles from Page, AZ to one of the most amazing places I've ever seen! (Once again Page, AZ has it all!) The next two days of our trip would be spent on the Native American Navajo Reservation, which is the largest land area assigned to Native Americans in the United States. These were some of my most reverential days of the trip as I visited these Navajo landmarks and had a great sense of understanding for their appreciation of their natural surroundings - and for me, just observing how creative God is! It's hard for someone to experience these marvelous places and not fathom there is a Creator!

To the older Navajo generations, entering a place like Antelope Canyon was like entering a cathedral, in which they would show great respect and come away with a spiritual experience. Antelope Canyon is separated into two separate photogenic sections - Upper Antelope Canyon (The Crack) and Lower Antelope Canyon (The Corkscrew). However, to get into the canyons, you must have a Navajo tour guide take you through them. The Navajo Nation is pretty strict about preserving their natural wonders (thankfully), so some of the rules and prices maybe a little steep but definitely worth it. For photographers wanting to photograph the canyon, in order to bring a tripod and have an extended amount of time down there, you have to purchase a photography tour, which is twice as expensive as the regular tour. For our trip I sacrificed my tripod and just took the normal tour and fortunately it was a great success! During our tour, our young Navajo guide gave me plenty of tips of how to set my camera to get excellent shots inside the canyon. And without a tripod to hold my camera sturdy, I think I was able to get some pretty awesome shots!

Our Navajo guide said that every tour that she gives, almost every person runs out of memory card space before then end of the tour! And she was exactly right as every single turn in the slot canyon presented remarkable photo subjects. Fortunately I have a pretty hefty memory card, but I did take up a ton of space during this trip.

Well, without further to do, I know that you will enjoy these incredible shots of Lower Antelope Canyon. Keep in mind, what you see is actually what I saw (not much editing involved)! This place truly is a remarkable wonder with many abstract designs and textures that allows your photo imagination to run wild. If you can't see it someday for yourself, its my hope that my pictures will take you there now! Enjoy.

Entering Antelope Canyon from above, hard to believe what's below:

Do you see the lion's head and mane?

Your imagination runs wild down there. Looks like something's hungry for a bite...

The maze of the slot canyon continues...up and down the ladders!


Painting lavender...


It's like walking through the maze of mirrors at a fair. You just keep walking through the pathways with so much to see!

Can't get enough of it!

I see another lion face! Do you?

And now my favorite! Do you see the Lady in the Wind?

Standing in awe

The light beam. There's many chances to see instances like this down there, if you catch it at the right time!


After hiking alittle over a mile in the slot canyon, we emerge from beneath to the surface!


Now if that's not incredible, I don't know what is! A lot of these images would look awesome on canvas and I plan to do some for myself! Click here you're interested in purchasing one of my Antelope Canyon photos!

Stay tuned as we continue our journey through the Navajo Nation to one of the most classic locations for a lot of Western movies, including all of the old John Wayne classics! Can't wait to take you there.

Until then, God Bless!




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